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filipina sex,Ice introduced us to another friend of hers this week, goes by the name Kaye. As you might agree, this girl is pretty hot, and she had this “gangsta” like attitude about her; almost as if she watches too many rap videos. It’s ok though, and we not ones to discriminate, so we took her back to the room and did what we do best.

You might notice her photos share the same “gangsta” like facial expressions, mixed with “supa model” type poses, hence the episode title “Wannabe Gangstar”. The video however was a completely different story, and a whole other side of Kaye came out. It’s quite obvious she’s not accustomed to suckin the lollipop so to speak, but she took the sausage like a champ. I’m sure you guys will enjoy this one, so be sure to check it out.

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