I Fucked The Room Maid

I’am really very sorry for this Thai cutie, her plan was to get a real job to support her poor family. So she went to the big hotels in Bangkok asking for work as a room maid. She told all the managers, that she is a clean Lady and very eager to work hard for some money. When one manager saw her potential and that she was a cheap worker he employed her as a room maid. At first she was very proud to wear her maid uniform because it gave her the status of being something different compared to the street girls she has been seeing. She worked very hard almost 14 hours a day and she did not care to clean toiletts and to remove what drunk tourists left in the elevator, when they got out of control. Some of those idiots found it very funny to mess up their hotel room onyl for the porpose to call the room service and to watch her ass when she was crawling on the ground to clean the messy carpet.

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